Pick your battle wisely

What give David victory in all his battle was David present the Lord first in every battle he face when the battle become tough David become more tougher,1sam17:45–48 is there any bitter situation in your life,I command you for the interest of your life and family to rise up to your faith and fight,most of the problem people experience today come from evil messengers, you are not moving forward you have been tied up lose yourself now by going into fasting with God fight back bitterly and seriously, say you messengers of darkness, I stop you in the name of Jesus Christ, I say fight on for victory.see you must win the battle, let us not give up to fear and discouragement, conca discouragement in your life , the Lord said to Joshua be of good courage Joshua 1:8 Jesus Christ said be of good courage I have overcome the world, read again Psalm 46:2 to 4, these are documented for us not to give up in time of trial I say to you be strong and pick your battle wisely, Isaiah 28: 5

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